From Broadband data gathering to Smart Command

Today military forces act in globalized but unlocated battlefields and unlimited digitalized battlespaces. Powerful sensors allow there to access and gather important data collection. Modern communication means and cloud based technologies on wide area networks allow information to be shared and stored, though not necessarily processed to the needs of those who could require them. Decision makers especially at the top of the chains of command lack automated access to smart information.

Ventura takes advantage on the latest existing technologies in military systems and technologies to develop smart command solutions taking into account:

  • the acquisition of data in connected environments
  • A global need to automation in analysis and dissemination of information
  • The needed expertise in C2 planning processing
  • An access to last technologies in systems within the information processing cycle

In modern warfare, decision makers need a clear situation in short delays. In addition to traditional warfare areas, new operation catalyzers have to be included in the decision-making processes

  • Social trends / Media
  • Information
  • Networks
  • Geographic and Human Environment
  • Behaviors

The catalyzers have to be identified in any new situation.

They are subject to any additional input and must be monitored in near real time

Their global assessment must be grabbed and performances must be measurable.

Catalyzers have to be adapted to each operation and should reveal the tactical trends and the strategic effects.

 Smart Command.

Information dominance is a key element for tomorrows military superiority. Thanks to intelligence, Electronic and acoustic warfare and near real time data analysis, stakeholders will gain in accuracy and efficiency accelerating the operational tempo of their activities.

Precise analysis and expert processes will therefor allow to fully exploit row data, improving decisions accuracy and escalating the information battlerythm towards smart command and control

Today’s Information dominance achieves tomorrows military superiority.